Why do breathalysers require re-calibration?

Re-calibration is required as alcohol residue builds up on the breathalysers sensor over time until it reaches a point where it will start to drift and become inaccurate. Re-calibration is a two step process. The first involves flushing a special fluid through the sensor to clean it and the second is to test it at various %BAC levels to ensure that the units readings are back within its acceptable range. Additionally the breathalyser airway will be serviced and cleared.

This process needs to be conducted professionally. Do not try doing it yourself as you will likely damage the sensor. The testing aspect also requires specialist laboratory equipment. Opening any Breathalysers NZ unit will void your warranty.

How often does my breathalyser require calibration?

This will depend on the unit itself, the amount of usage, and the amount of time since the units last calibration. All of the breathalysers we distribute will come with a manufacturer’s recommendation for recalibration. These are also noted on this website under each of the product pages. Even if you don’t use your breathalyser for a prolonged period of time it’s accuracy will eventually begin to drift. This is why all recalibration recommendations come with a number of tests and a time guideline (whichever comes first).

Essentially higher usage or blowing high alcohol concentration samples, will build up alcohol residue on the sensor quicker. Higher grade sensors (fuel cell electrochemical) will have a substantially lower calibration requirement than a semi-conductor sensor.

How do I know when my breathalyser needs recalibrating?

Your breathalyser may start taking much longer to warm up and consecutive readings could become inconsistent. This is not necessarily the case however and multiple tests may be closely grouped but ultimately be inaccurate. This is where quality plays a big part in the ongoing usability of your breathalyser and sending it in each cycle for recalibration and servicing which will ensure longevity.

How much does recalibration cost?

Once you purchase a breathalyser from Breathalysers NZ we will track the units serial number and run it through our calibration monitoring program. This will trigger us to send you an email to remind you as the unit becomes due for recalibration so you don’t have to worry about missing the time frame.

For Personal category electrochemical fuel cell sensors; BACtrack S80 Pro, BACtrack Mobile Pro, BACtrack Trace Pro the cost is $59.95 inc GST. This also includes the pickup and return courier and complimentary unit servicing it to ensure its ongoing operation.

For all Workplace (Commercial) category breathalysers (aside from the BACtrack S80 Pro), the cost is $69.95 exc GST. This also includes the pickup and return courier and complimentary unit servicing it to ensure its ongoing operation.

Does Breathalysers NZ recalibrate other breathalysers?

We do not. The majority of leading brand breathalysers are replicated on the international market and can contain lower grade components. We therefore do not want to put our name behind anything that hasn’t met our strict quality criteria and that we know the origins of. Also some units have specific calibration requirements that we may not necessarily have the equipment to perform. Please do not send your unit to us without having contacted us first. We record all of our units serial numbers before they leave our warehouse. We back our products 100%.

Before sending us your breathalyser please email or call us first.
info@breathalysers.nz or 0508 NZ TEST